Advanced Machines.

The Advanced Machine represents the best of both worlds. Like the Rotary Machine, it separates the preheat and cure into two separate ovens. It also has two transfer racks, each patterned after the transfer in the In-Line Machine. But the arrangement of the system is very different from either the In-Line or the Rotary Machine. Each oven has an entry and exit door, the tooling carried through on a conveyor. The ovens are placed side by side with the two transfer racks placed at each end to facilitate moving tooling from one oven to the other. Frames cycle around the machine independently, providing immense flexibility.

The benefits of the Advanced Machine:

  • High production yield.

  • Flexibility. Ability to use a wide range of materials such as foams and fills to produce a wide variety of products at the same time.

  • Multiple dip stations. Allowing different parts to be made of different colors and in multiple dips, often three colors.


See also In-Line, Rotary, and Dual-Path machines.