Dual-Path Machines.

The Advanced Machine design is the most effective and flexible machine design available. To enhance the design for double dipped and foam parts, a variation called a Dual-Path Advanced Machine has been developed. The machine is similar to the Advanced Machine with two notable exceptions: A second rear transfer and a second dip station. The second rear transfer allows for two frames to dip simultaneously, eliminating the bottleneck at the vinyl dip station typically associated with the long dip times of double dipped foam parts.

The benefits of the Dual-Path Advanced Machine:

  • High production yield. Allows double and triple dipped parts to be made without slowing production.

  • Flexibility. Ability to use a wide range of materials such as foams and fills to produce a wide variety of products at the same time.

  • Multiple dip stations. Allows different parts to be made with different colors and in multiple dips. The system can be designed with up to six dip tanks.

See also In-Line, Rotary, and Advanced machines.