How to Buy a Dip Molding and Coating System.

The design of a dip molding system requires several factors to be considered. We have included a guide to help define the scope of your system requirements. The basic system design will be primarily based on the product range to be processed and the production requirements.

Process Information.

  • What is the largest part the system will process? Include length and diameter (or length, width and depth).

  • How much does the heaviest mold or product weigh?

  • What mold or product materials are being utilized?

  • Does the process require a release agent or primer?

  • What is the maximum required dip length?

  • What is the desired dip length accuracy?

  • What is the desired wall or dip coating thickness?

  • Does the process require a multiple dip?

  • What types of dip materials (plastisol or other) are being utilized?

  • Does the range of products to be processed vary greatly in size and weight? (explain)

Production Requirements.

  • How many products of each type will typically be processed in an 8 hour shift?

  • Does the system require automatic part handling, sorting or automatic stripping?

  • Are there specific orientation requirements for loading or unloading frames?

  • How many different dip tanks would you like to be online simultaneously? Minimum is one.

  • How many additional dip tanks would you like for quick change-out?

  • Is this process currently being performed at your facility? By a vendor?

Facility Requirements.

  • Desired electric power (voltage and frequency)?

  • Fuel source for ovens (natural gas, propane, electric power)?