In-Line and Chain Machines.

In-Line Machines are the most basic of the machine styles. The In-Line Machine processes a single frame of tooling through the dip molding process. As a "low volume" machine, it is ideal for custom parts, prototyping, products requiring finishing, and low volume runs. The major components include an oven, a transfer rack, up to three dip stations, a quench station, and a mold release station. These components function to complete the dip molding process, and are controlled by PLC or PC control for precise repeatability.

The benefits of the In-Line Machine:

  • Low cost. Minimum capital investment, requiring only a single oven and transfer rack.

  • Flexibility. Ability to use a wide range of materials such as foams and fills to produce a wide range of products and sizes.

  • Scale-up. Variables on this machine are almost perfectly scaleable to other MCT machines, for effective prototyping: It is an awesome lab machine.


See also Rotary, Advanced, and Dual-Path machines.