New Technologies.

Closed Loop Level Sensing.

The Closed Loop Level Sensing provides the system with continuous feedback of the vinyl surface location relative to the tool form. Once established, that information can be accessed each time that specific part is processed, therefore eliminating recipe data entry each time a part is made. The end result - No more wasted production time establishing part length. Parts are the right length on the first dip and throughout the production run.


Remote Access to PLC.

Equipment troubleshooting is expensive and resource consuming. The password protected MCT system can be accessed by a trained technician from any location in the world to assist in the troubleshooting process. In addition, we can monitor the system's level of productivity and offer recommendations for improvement.


Upgrades to Existing Equipment.

Avoid missing out on the technologies that are constantly evolving in the accuracy of dip molding and coating equipment. At MCT, we are capable of integrating "modules" of our equipment within your existing system to address any specific process issues. If your problem is material agitation, we can provide the solution with our mixing tanks. If uneven wall thickness is your problem, our high velocity convection ovens may be your answer. If dip accuracy is your concern, we can provide an independent vinyl dip tower built to process your parts consistently within .005" with up to 10 programmable steps.

Our experience and access to information in the dip molding and coating markets is unparalleled. If you are currently experiencing a process or equipment problem that you can not resolve, MCT can help.