The Perfect Mold Machines.

As the leader in dip molding and coating equipment, we offer a variety of machines from the Perfect Mold family, customized to meet the needs of each customer.

The following pages compare the most common styles of machines. This provides a full understanding of each machine's capabilities to enhance your knowledge of our equipment.

The machines described are the In-Line Machine, the Rotary Machine, the Advanced Machine, and the Dual-Path Advanced Machine. The four machines provide a wide range of cost and productivity options, to ensure flexibility and adaptability to current and future needs. Each also includes the following technologies proprietary to MCT.

  • State-of-the-art oven technology for preheating and curing to provide speed, accuracy, and uniformity for reducing cycle times and providing the tightest tolerance in the industry. Our oven technology is the world leader for curing foam parts.

  • MCT offers a proprietary tank design incorporating agitation, fill, level control, and quick change capability in one unit. Over 200 of our tanks are in operation.

  • Dip mechanisms provide dip repeatability of 0.005" with dip lengths extending as long as 36". Lifted tanks for large parts provide dip lengths up to 72".

  • Superior control, recipe storage, user-friendly operator interfaces, data collection, network capability, and automated operation.

  • Superior craftsmanship for maximum strength, durability, reliability, and quality.

See also In-Line, Rotary, Advanced, and Dual-Path machines.