Service and Education.

We define service to include three key elements: Start-up, training, and support of our equipment. Our ovens and machines come with a combination of all three which is essential to maintaining the operation of the equipment.

MCT has access to the premier advisors in the dip molding and coating industry. We provide answers to specific process and material issues in addition to providing complete process support for those firms just entering the market. Our access to knowledge in the vinyl market is unparalleled.

For customers who require added support, we can provide a Continuing Service Agreement and individual service visits. To support our efforts, we have a service team dedicated solely to supporting our ovens and machines, as well as provide much needed service to heating equipment no longer supported by the original manufacturer.

In further efforts to provide more than service, we provide classes as presenters for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME). Our classes include "The Infrared Tutorial," "Infrared by the Numbers," "Combination Curing," and "Dip Molding," which are presented at events like Infrared Technology and Applications, Process Heating, Finishing, and Alternatives to Injection Molding. We have also given classes for customers and partners hoping to educate their personnel even further. As a result, we have developed a wide range of educational materials available to our customers and partners alike.